About Teri

Mainly, Iím a political opinion columnist, waving my lone, feminist flag in rural Kentucky. And against all advice and good sense, I read both the comments section and my e-mail because ó whether it be fan mail or hate mail ó it is my readers who remind me why I keep beating this drum.

When Iím not trying to untangle the latest political juggernaut, I teach writing at The Carnegie Center in Lexington, though Iíll be taking some time off in 2019 to finish my memoir about stepfamilies.

I have a BA from University of Minnesota and an MFA from San Jose State, and I list them here because I earned them at 39 and 45 so they still feel like fresh paint. 

When Iím not writing or teaching, I hang out at the lake with my menagerie of pets, as it appears I am still the same girl I was at age 8 who has yet to meet a dog I donít adore and finds an ailing, abandoned cat at the park and has no choice but to bring her home.