I'm an accidental columnist.

Before October 2016, I never imagined I'd write about politics, and I certainly never planned to have a newspaper column. But then the Access Hollywood tape came out, we elected Donald Trump president, and here I am. 

I don't write OpEds. I write personal essays that put a face on the topic of the day, an attempt to connect what's happening in the government (national/regional/local) to our real lives, to our common humanity. When people ask how I can do this kind of work in the current environment, especially while living in a deep red state, there is one answer:  I am an optimist, still.

Writing about politics has led me to a new love: teaching. I have an MFA in creative writing, and these days you can find me in the classroom at The Carnegie Center in Lexington, KY.

I'm currently working on a memoir about being both a stepchild and a stepmother.